Monday, 6 August 2012

Made in Spain

Spain is known for great food, beautiful beaches and amazing football.  What many people don’t know about the Mediterranean country is that the Spanish have invented many everyday objects. Just to name a few:

The submarine

Isaac Peral designed the very first submarine in 1887. The military officer never received credits for his design that included an electric motor, a periscope and a torpedo because his superiors dismissed the idea.

The digital calculator

Leonardo Torres Quevedo is responsible for the joy of the digital calculator, the remote control and cable carts.

The radio

The radio was invented by Julio Cervera Baviera who also founded the Spanish Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in 1902.

The space suit

The first person to ever design an astronaut suit was Emilio Herrea Lineras.

The pencil sharpener

Ignacio Urresti designed and created the first pencil sharpener in 1945.

The classical guitar

Although there is no specific person who invented the guitar, it is believed the Spanish started playing it in the early 13th and 14th century. The music instrument gained popularity after the 17th century when the 6th string was introduced to the formerly 4 string instrument. 

The cigarette

Beggars in Seville made roll ups from discarded tobacco and rice paper in the sixteenth century. They later on sold them to sailors and ship merchants. These customers brought the method home and the cigarette gained immediate popularity all over the world.

The disposable injection needle

Miguel Jalon invented the mop as well as the disposable injection needle.

The laryngoscoop

A laryngoscoop is a medical instrument used to examine the larynx.
The well-known opera singer, Manuel Vicente Garcia invented the instrument when he was studying the anatomy of the larynx. The instrument was introduced to the medical world by Johan Czermak.

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