Friday, 24 August 2012

How to enjoy Barcelona in the August heat

August is the hottest month in Spain when temperatures run up to 40 degrees. Whether you like hot weather or not August isn't the best month to visit vibrant Barcelona. Luckily the city has enough to offer for you dare devils out there. So there are plenty of ways to enjoy Barcelona in the middle of a heat wave.

First:  copy the locals and stay inside

You will notice that the majority of shops and even a few tourist attractions are closed during the afternoon.  Nobody in Barcelona wants to face the blazing August sun during the day.  There is simply no fun to be had in the 40 degree heat so stay inside your air conditioned apartment or hotel room. Only come out when the sun sets and the city comes alive again.

Second: be cultural 

The majority of museums in central Barcelona are open until late. They often organise some pretty awesome events during summer.  You could combine a visit to Casa Mila with some jazz music and fine wine. Or you could go to one of the events organised at the CaixaForum on Wednesday nights. The beautiful surroundings host a number of great shows including theatre, music and dance.
Third: discover the joy of dining underneath the stars
Barcelona offers you the best opportunities for enjoying a scrumptious meal outdoors. You can choose from anything in between a homemade picnic in the park or the terrace of a four star restaurant.

Fourth: go and experience Spanish cinema

There are multiple venues throughout the city that have organised outdoor cinema screenings. The most impressive venue is probably the Castle on top of the Mont Juïc. Whilst you are there you might also want to consider a night tour around the area.

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