Friday, 12 October 2012


Churros are a great delicacy in Spain. A wonderful dish bringing families and friends together for many decades. It can be referred to as a Spanish doughnut, despite some similarities they are truly one of a kind and must be tested to  understand how incredible they are.

Churros are a Hispanic fried dough treat, typically served for breakfast. However, many people eat it as a dessert or a snack due to it's sweet nature.

There are two types of churros in Spain: one which is thin and 'star shaped' and the other is very long and thick. Both are usually sprinkled with sugar and accompanied by hot chocolate (not the drinking hot beverage many are familiar with but a thick melted chocolate) for dipping. When consuming churros for breakfast it is also often dipped in coffee.

Once the churro batter has been made, a piece of machinery called a churrera (translated literally to churros making machine) is used to extrude the batter into churro shapes and goes directly into a deep fryer. When they are golden brown they are ready to be eaten!

The thinner, star shaped churros can be found throughout the majority of Spain, on the other hand, the thicker variety is primarily found in the southern regions of Spain. This kind is fried in teh shape of a continous spiral and cut into portions afterwards- truly a sight to see!

The best churros will be served at a 'Churreria'- a cafe serving only churros and will most likely only be open in the morning until around noon time. However, if you are a confident cook you can check out how it'd one here!

We really hope that you all get a chance to try this traditional Spanish dish when you visit Spain!

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